Testnet Bitcoins

We provide a testing environment which is running independently from the real Bitcoin network and it's running against Bitcoin testnet.

Separation means that you need to create separate accounts, API keys, users, etc. Both environments have no link between each other to avoid mistakes when handling funds.

For testing we recommend using either Bitcoin Core wallet in the testnet mode (you need at least 25 GB of disk space) or Bitcoin Wallet for Testnet which is an Android light wallet.

To receive testnet bitcoins please contact support, or use client panel do perform a Payout.

Alternatively we suggest to perform Payouts in order to pay for Payments, this way you don't need any wallet software:

  1. Generate new Payment
  2. Save Bitcoin address and BTC amount requested
  3. Perform payout for specific amount of BTC to the Payment address
  4. Approve the Payout
  5. After few moments you should see Payment status change.

See Demo Integration for more details.