White-label Payment Page

This document explains how hosting of Payment Page under your own domain name works. This is so called 'white-labeling' and as a part of the solution we can host all our customer facing services under domain name of your choosing. This includes: Payment Page, API, Client Panel.

In addition to hosting services under your own domain will automatically request and setup SSL certificates via Let's Encrypt provider, and we can provide CSS styling changes to match your needs, update images, etc.


  • You should be able to setup a CNAME redirect from a domain name of your choosing to the one provided by us
  • You acknowledge that we'll request a "Domain Validated" SSL certificate for specific subdomain from Let's Encrypt and we'll use it for that traffic


If you are using Cloudflare or any similar anti DDoS / reverse proxy mechanism please contact us and we'll provide a dedicated solution.

  1. Choose what domain names you want to use to host Payment Page, API, Client Panel (you can choose any combinations of the services)
  2. Contact us and tell us what the domains name are.
  3. We let you know what CNAME values to use.
  4. We whitelist your newly created domains and setup everything on our side
  5. Done

Alternative approaches

If you choose to use your own SSL certificate (or require any level above "Domain Validation") and don't want it to be shared with Bitcoinpaygate the recommended approach is to setup a reverse proxy on your side to handle all traffic to your desired domain names.

In this scenario there's no work required on Bitcoinpaygate side, we only need to know yours Payment Page domain name so we can correct return it via API calls.